ANT - The Base Protocol Solution

When selecting ANT components, factors such as cost, power consumption, complexity and multi protocol support all weigh into the decision. Using the tools provided on this page, we hope to point you to our suggested solutions for your needs.

Module Product Conditions & Warranty:

What Product will You Make?

Product Type

Product Description Status Compare
G.FIT - NRND A turnkey dual-protocol ANT/Bluetooth® low energy technology (BLE) solution for wireless fitness equipment and smart bike trainers, optimized for group and classroom training applications NRND
D52 ANT SoC Module Series The D52 series of ANT SoC Modules is based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52832 SoC and supports ANT, Bluetooth® low energy technology and extended features such as NFC.   Active
N5 ANT SoC Module Series (NRND) Based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF51422 SoC, the N5 ANT SoC module series offers support for both ANT® and Bluetooth® low energy and enables both protocols to run concurrently. The N5 series st... NRND
FIT2 Module (EOL) RF certified module specific for fitness equipment. Ready to support two ANT+ device profiles, fitness equipment profile and heart rate monitor. Better proximity paring experiences, Advanced ANT data burst wi... EOL
ANTUSB-m The new generation ANT USB stick featuring a miniature design (18.96 x 12.48 x 5.02 mm) and a set of enhanced ANT core features, such as advanced Active
C7 Modules (EOL) ANT transceiver module using CC2571. 8 channels. Integrated ANT-FS. AES-128. +4dBm transmission power. RSSI. Thin PCB board. Regulatory approval. ANTC782M4IB and ANTC782M5IB. EOL
ANTUSB2 Stick (EOL) The second generation ANT USB stick with feature  EOL
AP2 Modules (EOL) ANT transceiver module using nRF24AP2-8ch with enhanced ANT core features. Low power consumption. Regulatory approval. ANTAP281M4IB and ANTAP281M5IB EOL
AT3 ANT MCUs (EOL) ANT MCU family to pair with nRF24L01+ or nRF24L01. The best power consumption achieved. Up to 8 channel. SensRcore. QFN 6x6. ANTFTR2282. EOL

Status Legend
Active - Product is in production and recommended for new designs.
Preview - Product is not in production. Samples may or may not be available.
NRND - Product is Not recommended for new designs, but is in production to support existing customers.
EOL - Product is end-of-life. A lifetime-buy period is in effect.