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ANT+ Update

April 03, 2019

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SoftDevice Packages Now Available

In collaboration with Nordic Semiconductor, Garmin Canada is pleased to support the nRF52 series of Ultra Low Power SoCs with SoftDevice packages that include the ANT ultra low power wireless protocol. The SoftDevices are available as ANT-only (200 series) and concurrent ANT and Bluetooth (300 series), providing flexibility to serve specific product needs.

New Release: Version 6.1.1

Garmin Canada is pleased to announce the latest release: version 6.1.1 of the ANT and ANT/BLE SoftDevices for Nordic nRF52-series SoCs. In addition to current support for the nRF52832 SoC, support has been added for newer nRF52-series devices: the nRF52810, and nRF52840. The 6.1.1 releases are all supported by nRF SDK 15.3. The capabilities checklist and compatibility chart below outline high level features and capabilities of the different SoftDevice packages:

SoftDevice Features
S212 ANT-Only SoftDevice
S312 ANT and Bluetooth Peripheral
S332 ANT and Bluetooth Central and Peripheral
S340 ANT and Bluetooth Central and Peripheral, Bluetooth Long Range

nRF52 Series / ANT SoftDevice Compatibility Chart

  S212 S312 S332 S340
nRF52810 SoC X X    
nRF52832 SoC X   X  
nRF52840 SoC       X

For more information on SoftDevice features and versions, and to obtain the new SoftDevices under evaluation or commercial licenses, please visit our website.


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