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Tech Update

September 03, 2013

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ANT+ Android Plugins Deliver ‘Plug and Play’ Solution for Developers

Exceptionally simple implementation results in quick app creation and seamless access to millions of available ANT+ fitness, health and sport monitoring devices.

ANT Wireless, proven innovator in ultra low power (ULP) wireless technology, today releases its expanded suite of ANT+ Plugins for Android applications. These inclusive Plugins implement ANT+ Device Profiles, eliminating the need for manual integration and technical expertise while facilitating simple development and seamless ANT+ connectivity. 

“The Plugins make ANT+ integration as simple as possible. We’ve done the heavy lifting on our end so that developers can easily and quickly design apps that just work,” said Sebastian Barnowski, ANT+ and Applications Team Leader, ANT Wireless. “We essentially provide the ANT+ Device Profiles so that virtually anyone can easily build an ANT+ app regardless of their technical knowledge. This is a huge benefit that saves a lot of time and allows developers to easily create the very best possible experience for consumers.”

ANT+ Android Plugins:

  • Give instant access to millions of ANT+ enabled devices through a single, easy-to-use library
  • Communicate both simple and complex data with remote devices without having to implement low-level technical details or decode data formats
  • Provide usable sample code for all profiles in the ANT Android SDK
  • Automatically manage sharing devices and data between multiple applications

Plugins are now available for the following ANT+ Device Profiles:

  • Bike Power
  • Bike Speed and Cadence
  • Stride-based Speed and Distance
  • Heart Rate
  • Weight Scale
  • Blood Pressure
  • Fitness Equipment 
  • Audio/Video/Generic Controls
  • Environment (temperature)
  • Geocache

The ANT+ Android Plugins consist of a ‘service’ application which implements the connection and communication with all ANT+ enabled devices and provides access to communicate with these devices using a simple-to-use API library. The Plugins use the ANT Radio Service application to access built-in ANT radio support, ANT USB sticks via USB OTG support and the ANT USB Service, and third party adapters. The technical details for the required services as well as searching, connecting and communicating with devices are managed through a user-friendly interface. Use of the ANT+ Plugins, the required services, and access to development resources and support forums are all free.

To download the ANT+ Android Plugins, and the ANT Radio Service to support the plugins, visit the Google Play Store. Find out more about ANT+ Device Profiles, ANT+ in Android and download the ANT Android SDK here.

Call for TWG Participants

ANT+ Controls Device Profile

ANT+ controls enable a whole new class of interoperable, future compatible products. These can open new market segments and/or complement traditional monitoring applications to drive increased sales. Several ANT+ members have already launched product using ANT+ to control bike computers, multiple cameras, and audio players; and this is just the beginning. Many devices can now be controlled on one ANT+ channel while making use of ANT+ data received on other channels. The ANT+ Controls Device Profile can support applications within sports, home automation, health, and industry. New features could include: audio recording; hub-to-hub connections for distributed networks and extended range, additional channel periods; file transfer etc.

Data Accessibility:
The ANT+ Controls Device Profile allows for the seamless transfer of control commands and state data between remote controls, hub(s) and peripheral devices.

ANT+ Controls TWG:
A new beta version of the ANT+ Controls Device Profile that extends the current device profile is close to release. The defined topology outline and multi-device control features provide huge potential and built-in flexibility for future development. The ANT+ Symposium this year will launch the ANT+ Controls TWG to explore and shape this future development.  ANT+ members are invited to join the TWG now.

What does it mean to be part of the ANT+ Controls TWG?
ANT+ Device Profiles are created with a committee of ANT+ Members who have a special interest in a particular use case. Collectively this committee is referred to as the Technical Working Group. TWG members may remain anonymous to each other and we do not share any information between members other than information pertinent to the creation of the profile. TWG members will be asked what needs they would like this device profile to address, and to review and comment on profile drafts.

The Process:

  • Face-to-face discussion at ANT+ Symposium 2013: What features and use cases do you need the profile to support?
  • Alpha device profile(s) will be created and shared with TWG members and we will ask for feedback.
  • The beta device profile will be released once each new feature is mature.  Beta profiles are guaranteed to be backwards compatible.  For this reason it is important not to move to beta until a profile is relatively mature and stable.  The beta profile will be accessible to all ANT+ Alliance members, not just the TWG.
  • The fully released device profile will be released several months after the beta profile (and typically after product has been released that implements the profile), so that it becomes accessible to all ANT+ Adopters.

Throughout this process, we will keep the TWG informed of any changes, and you will typically see alpha drafts of proposed profile improvements and be given the chance to comment.  Occasionally this review step will be omitted if we are working with a customer with tight time constraints.

The majority of this process will take place via email, although there may be occasional phone discussions.  You will always be welcome to contact us at any stage.

How does my company join the TWG?
There are no fees or obligations to being a member of a Technical Working Group. To join a TWG:

  1. Your company must be an ANT+ Member
  2. You must sign a TWG agreement on behalf of your company. The agreement is simply to express a common understanding of confidentiality, IP exchange etc. 

NOTE:  If you have already signed a TWG agreement then you can skip this step and simply let us know of your desire to participate.

To access the agreement:

If you would like to be involved in this TWG or have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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