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ANT+ Update

May 08, 2017

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT : The 10th Annual ANT Wireless Symposium   |   Inspired+ Awards   |   Dynastream Innovation Announces G.FIT   |   ANT+ Running Dynamics Device Profiles
Industry Events Recap: Mobile World Congress 2017   |   CES 2017
TECH UPDATES : Stay Informed


The 10th Annual ANT Wireless Symposium

September 26 – 29, 2017
Banff, Canada

Mark your calendars – it’s time to celebrate 10 years of the ANT Wireless Symposium! Held September 26 – 29, 2017 in Banff, AB at the spectacular Rimrock Resort.

The ANT Wireless Symposium is the ideal conference to explore the technical and commercial possibilities of ANT and ANT+, while fostering important business relationships with thought leaders in the Sport, Fitness and IOT ecosystems at our unique networking events.

Join us in the world renowned Canadian Rocky Mountains as we celebrate and discover the cutting-edge capabilities of ANT and ANT+ technology.

Registration opening soon!


Inspired+ Awards

The Inspired+ Awards are designed to showcase companies leading the way in using ANT/ANT+ Wireless technology to change how we live, do business and use products.

Members and Adopters in good standing who have promoted or  launched a workable solution using ANT Technology to solve a problem in the past year can be nominated by Members, Adopters or an ANT Wireless Team Member prior to August 11th, 2017. Eligible recipients will be short-listed by the Symposium Planning Committee and final decisions will be made by our Inspired+ Awards Panel.   Award winners will be honoured at the Symposium kick-off reception.

Please send nominations to [email protected]

Dynastream Innovation Announces G.FIT

March, 2017
A New Era of Fitness Modules For Group Use Cases 

Designed with group fitness in mind, Dynastream's G. FIT is a turn-key purpose-bulit module solution featuring ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, reference code and an embedded fitness equipment library.

With advanced capabilities for group connectivity in highly congested RF environments, G.FIT is the technology product that fitness equipment manufacturers need to drive sales and maintain a competitive advantage.

Thank you to all who attended the G.FIT demo this past March in Taiwan. This event was a huge success with over 30 people in attendance to experience the new group fitness technology solution from Dynastream Innovation. 

Email [email protected] or visit Dynastream.com/GFIT for more information about G.FIT.

ANT+ Running Dynamics Device Profiles

April 4, 2017
New Device Profiles Set Interoperable Standard for Wireless Running Sensors

In April, ANT+ Alliance introduced two new ANT+ device profiles that support running dynamics. The ANT+ RD device profile for running sensors and the HR-RD device profile for Heart Rate Monitors are now available for ANT+ Alliance member early release.

The new device profiles let manufacturers transmit and display some of the most advanced running metrics available on the market including cadence, ground contact, time and balance, stride length and more.

Read full press release here .

Industry Events Recap

Mobile World Congress 2017

February 27 – March 2, 2017
Barcelona, Spain

Thank you to all who stopped by our booth at MWC to see how ANT is used for high node count, mesh style networks that can connect hundreds of devices! Located in the IOT Pavillion, the ANT booth drew attention from product developers looking at our IOT solutions, which use self-healing mesh style networks. 

MWC is the world’s largest gathering for leaders of the mobile industry and is the place for organizations to showcase their most dynamic and innovative mobile technology. Held in Barcelona, Spain, Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the ideal place to become part of the innovation and discover the latest global technology with ANT Wireless. 

View the ANT Wireless Digital Booth

CES 2017

January 5 – 8, 2017
Las Vegas, NV

Thank you to everyone who came to explore new opportunities with ANT Wireless at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 5th- 8th in Las Vegas, NV.

Located in Tech West, the ANT Pavilion attracted traffic interested in commercial IOT control/monitor applications, smart home, and ANT+ sport and fitness use cases including group fitness.  Thank you to our partners, Herman Miller, birdi, Delphian, Moticon, Performance IQ, Star Trac North Pole Engineering, COBI, Dayton and Nordic Semiconductor who helped make the booth a great success. 

CES attendees were also excited to experience two  ANT mesh style networks engineered for the Internet of Things: the first use-case demo let visitors view environmental conditions from sensors scattered around the ANT Pavilion at a monitoring station, while the second use-case let them use a phone or remote to control individual lights networked together. These exciting use-cases work only with the ANT protocol, and will be available for commercial use soon.

Contact [email protected] for information about anything in the CES booth, and be sure to stop by our booth again next year! 

Didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth? Check out the ANT Wireless Digital Booth.  


NEW: Radar

Released January 10, 2017
The ANT+ Bike Radar Device Profile Device Profile Version 1.0 is now available to all ANT+ Members and Adopters on the downloads page. This new device profile defines wireless communication for bike radar devices capable of detecting vehicles behind the cyclist, and displays that can visualize this critical information in front of the user so they can keep their eyes on the road.


Stay Informed

NEW: SimulANT+ 2.1.1 Released to ANT+ Members – April 13, 2017
SimulANT+ 2.1 is now available to ANT+ Members on the downloads page. This update adds: Simulators for the Running Dynamics and Heart Rate Running Dynamics Profile,  ANT+ Device Profile Verification Test Suite for the ANT+ Radar Device Profile, as well as fixes to ANT+ Bike Power Verification Tests, and support for IronPython version 2.7.6.

NEW: SimulANT+ 2.1 Released – April 13, 2017
SimulANT+ 2.1 is now available to all ANT+ Adopters and Members on the downloads page. This update includes: ANT+ Device Profile Verification Test Suite for the ANT+ Radar Device Profile, fixes to ANT+ Bike Power Verification Tests, and support for IronPython version 2.7.6.

UPDATE: FITSDK 20.30.00 Released – April 12, 2017
Version 20.30.00 of the FIT SDK is now available on the downloads page.  Includes bug fixes in the C# SDK, full release notes are available here.

NEW: Time Sync NOW Available Released – Nov 28, 2017
Ever needed to precisely synchronize timing between multiple devices? You can now. The Time Sync Application Note is now available on the downloads page. Time Sync is avalible on both the S212 and S332 SoftDevices for Nordic Semiconductors nRF52832, versions 2.0.0 or greater. 


New Product Listings

BIPR Arcade Footpod Arcade Running
Body Bike Body Bike SMART+
BOLTT GP1 Footpod
Bryton Rider 100
Bryton Rider 310
Cycleops The Hammer
Cycleops Magnus
Dynamic5 AB JaBIT
Fujitsu Arrows NX F-01J
iGPSPORT LCD Coach-By-Color   
iGPSPORT Wattrate TGT Computer
Leomo Type- R
LifeTrak ZoomHRV
Magene Technology GRAVAT 
o-synce Coachsmart LEV
o-synce Coachsmart 
Shimano CM-1100
Shimano CM -2000
Shimano Crankset with Power Meter
Samsung Electronic Galaxy A3 (2017)
Samsung Electronics Tab S3 (LTE)
Samsung Electronics Galaxy On7 (2016)
Samsung Electronics Galaxy S8
TopAction TMS10
TopAction TSC10
TopAction TMC10
Tung Keng Enterprise i-Wellness Series
Well-crafted software myWorkouts

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