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ANT+ Update

April 24, 2014

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: New Director of ANT Wireless Named   |   Enabling the Internet of Things   |   Dynastream's First Dual Protocol ANT SoC Module


New Director of ANT Wireless Named

Jim Rooney, President of Dynastream Innovations Inc., today announced that Mr. James Fujimoto has assumed the position of Director, ANT Wireless.  Mr. Fujimoto succeeds Mr. Rod Morris.

“We’re incredibly appreciative of the significant contribution Rod has made to Dynastream over the past 14 years,” stated Jim Rooney.  “From our first commercial product release and creating the technical underpinnings of ANT to then leading the ANT business unit, Rod has built both our technology portfolio and a dedicated team to world class levels.  His vision, talents, and energy will be missed.”

Having contributed to the strategic development of ANT Wireless through its formative years, James Fujimoto is well poised to guide ANT’s next stage of growth within the global wireless segment.  James has substantial experience in business and technology leadership in the semiconductor, telecom and telco operator industries, which will prove invaluable as he further aligns ANT’s portfolio of offerings with market needs and economic opportunities.   In his most recent role as Business Development Manager for ANT Wireless, James has built support for ANT in the mobile marketplace with the latest ANT adoption in Samsung's flagship smartphone device, the Galaxy S5.

“With the many differentiating attributes of our technology, ANT is in a unique position to capitalize on today’s explosive potential in wireless and wearables,” added Rooney.  “James has been instrumental in bringing ANT into the big smart phone players and we are excited to have him now lead ANT Wireless into the next phase of dynamic growth.”

Enabling the Internet of Things

By James Fujimoto, Director, ANT Wireless

It’s an exciting time for wireless and the global Internet of Things.  As we all know, the wearables movement has launched the general appeal for data from elite athletes through to everyday users, thanks to the easy tracking of myriad physiological metrics.   The moving of both body generated and M2M data through mobile hubs has further fueled the momentum by taking the connected life to a new, accessible and practical level.    

ANT is perfectly poised to contribute to this expansion of connectivity by continuing to offer ultra low power, flexible functionality that goes beyond the traditional wireless use cases.  The adaptive, ad hoc network infrastructure of the base ANT technology future proofs product life cycles, while the assured interoperability and unique collaborative force of the ANT+ ecosystem enables companies to grow the industry while doing what they do best.  Collectively, we all enjoy the enviable position of impacting user experiences within our connected lives.   

Recent ANT accomplishments have taken us another step further.  Dynastream’s newly released dual protocol module, ANT+ in the Samsung S5 as well as the new flagship Sony smartphones, and the growing interest in the mobile market all showcase the demand for ANT in this marketplace.  I am excited to continue our work with our phenomenal internal team of wireless experts as well as you, our progressive partners, as we confirm the value of ANT and all that it enables in the Internet of Things.

Dynastream's First Dual Protocol ANT SoC Module

Full article feature here>

The N548 will be featured in Nordic Semiconductor’s European Tech Tour in May 2014.  Learn more at: http://www.nordicsemi.com/eng/Events/Nordic-Tech-Tour-2014



FE-C device profile announced. Read More>

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is out and ANT+ capable. Read More>

Garmin VIRB Elite is the camera you want while racing, driving, soaring and, yes, crashing too. Read More>

BKOOL partnered with Red Cross Norway for Red Bike Event which, using ANT+, enabled participants to compete in real time against each other for a good cause. View event photos here>

Wireless Q Spring 2014 by Nordic Semiconductor features Moxy Monitor and their physiological fitness monitoring capabilities. Download >

Spivi partnered with BBC to raise funds for Sport Relief last month in London. A recap can be found here>



Wireless Japan- Tokyo, Japan
May 28-30, 2014

Interbike- Las Vegas, USA
Sept 10-12,2014

ANT+ Alliance Symposium- Kananaskis, Canada
September 23-26, 2014
** Sponsorship opportunities available - Contact [email protected]



This March, ANT+ released the newest revision of the Fitness Equipment Device Profile to its members, introducing the industry’s first interoperable wireless communication standard which enabled control of Bicycle Trainers and Stationary Bikes.

We are now inviting manufacturers of all types of fitness equipment to this TWG, including, but not limited to:

  • Treadmills
  • Ellipticals
  • Rowers
  • Climbers
  • Skiers

The next major revision of this device profile will enable control of these additional types of fitness equipment, creating an interoperable ecosystem of controllable devices inside the gym. Participating in the Fitness Equipment TWG will give ANT+ Alliance Members considerable input into the development of the communication standard that will be used to control Fitness Equipment, ensuring that the data requirements for their products are met.

Another valuable upgrade to this device profile will be a group training communication standard, further extending the seamless communication and interoperability of ANT+ to fitness classes and group training environments.

Data Accessibility
The next proposed revision of the ANT+ Fitness Equipment device profile will allow for the seamless transfer of control commands from wireless fitness equipment consoles, personal fitness trackers (fitness watches, bike computers, activity monitors, etc.) and mobile phones to control fitness equipment such as treadmills (speed, slope), ellipticals (resistance) and rowers(resistance, target power).

The group training use case will leverage the reliable technical capabilities of ANT to enable the control of multiple fitness equipment at once through a central console or application. The central console will also be able to collect real time fitness data from all participating fitness equipment to create an immersive group training environment.

What does it mean to be part of the ANT+ Fitness Equipment TWG?
ANT+ Device Profiles are developed with a committee of ANT+ Members who have a special interest in a particular use case (i.e. Fitness Equipment). Collectively this committee is referred to as the Technical Working Group. TWG members are anonymous to each other and we do not share any information between members other than information pertinent to the development of the profile. TWG members will be asked what needs they would like this device profile to address, and to review and comment on profile drafts.

The Process
The majority of this process will take place via email, although there may be occasional phone discussions.  You will always be welcome to contact us at any stage.

  • The alpha device profile will be shared with TWG members and we will ask for feedback.
  • The member early release device profile will be released once the profile is mature.  Member early release profiles are guaranteed to be backwards compatible.  For this reason it is important not to move to this release until a profile is relatively mature and stable.  The member early release profile will be accessible to all ANT+ Alliance members, not just the TWG.
  • The fully released device profile will be released several months after the member early release profile (and typically after product has been released that implements the profile), so that it becomes accessible to all ANT+ Adopters.

Throughout this process, and continuing into the future development of the profile, we will keep the TWG informed of any changes, and you will typically see alpha drafts of proposed profile improvements and be given the chance to comment.  Occasionally this review step will be omitted if we are working with a customer with tight time constraints.

To join the Technical Working Group

  • Your company must be an ANT+ Member.  There are no additional fees or obligations to being a Technical Working Group participant.
  • You must sign a TWG agreement on behalf of your company. The agreement is simply to express a common understanding of confidentiality, IP exchange etc.
  • Return the complete scanned document (all pages required) to [email protected]

NOTE:  If you have already signed a TWG agreement then your confidentiality agreement is automatically transferred to this TWG.  Simply let us know of your desire to participate.

To access the agreement:

Deadline to join is Friday, May 7, 2014.
If you would like to be involved in this project or have any questions, please contact [email protected]   

We look forward to working with you!



All ANT tech announcements, updates and bulletins can be found in our online Developer area. For immediate notification, subscribe to the ANT tech RSS feed. A summary of recent updates is listed below. Note that you will require a login account to access many of these items.

Manufacturer ID
What are they used for, who needs one, and how to get a hold of one? Read More>

New release of ANT+ Bike Speed, Bike Cadence and Combined Bike Speed and Cadence Device Profiles

Version 2.0_M.002 of the ANT+ Bike Speed and Cadence Device Profiles is now available to ANT+ Members on the member early release section of the download page. This release includes battery indication and a stop flag.

ANT Message Protocol and Usage Rev 5.1 Released
New ANT search features detailed in updated ANT Message Protocol and Usage Rev 5.1 document available on the downloads page

ANT Components - First Dual Protocol ANT SoC Module Released
The N548 dual protocol ANT SoC Module and the N5 Module Starter Kit are now available for purchase from Dynastream Innovations Inc. For more information on this fully integrated module refer to the Components page. Resources for ANT development with the N5 Starter Kit can be found on the Downloads page downloads page.  

ANT+ Device Profile - Fitness Equipment v 4.0_M.001

Trainer Resistance use case included in new ANT+ Fitness Equipment Device Profile v 4.0_M.001 available now to ANT+ Members on downloads page.

FIT SDK 10.10 Update

Version 10.10 of the FIT SDK is now available on the downloads page. This release includes updates to the FIT Profile definitions.  Be sure to check out the updates to the FIT Protocol document and the new application note describing how to represent large text objects using FIT.



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