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ANT+ Membership

Anyone with a commecial interest in ANT+ technology will benefit from Membership.


What is the ANT+ Alliance?

The ANT+ Alliance is an open special interest group of companies who have adopted the ANT+ promise of interoperability. The Alliance ensures standardized communications through optimized brand value and partnerships with other top tier products.
ANT, ANT+ and the ANT+ Alliance are all managed by the ANT Wireless division of Garmin Canada Inc.

who should join?

Anyone with an interest in building ANT+ products, advancing the ecosystem and growing the market is welcome to join the ANT+ Alliance. 

You must activate a membership in order to:

  • use ANT+ technology in a product or service;
  • apply an ANT+ logo or trademark to a product or service; or
  • rebrand an ANT+ enabled product


Whether you are a device maker, application developer, silicon manufacturer, industry supplier, retailer, distributor, service provider, or other entity interested in developing or selling ANT+ products, there is a membership level to fit your needs.  Two options are available:

NO MEMBERSHIP FEE   *certification charges not included

Start as an Adopter and receive free access to:

  • ANT+ Device Profiles and reference code
  • ANT+ Device Profiles software simulators
  • ANT-FS Design and reference code
  • ANT/ANT+ Forums (technical support)

These items are offered royalty-free through the ANT+ Adopter Agreement.  

It's easy to join.    BECOME AN ADOPTER NOW


$1500 USD ANNUAL DUES   *certification discounts apply

Upgrade to an annual ANT+ membership for enhanced commercial and marketing benefits:

  • Gain market advantage – receive early access to ANT+ device profiles and tools. 
  • Financial benefits – enjoy substantial discounts on ANT+ Product Certification

It's easy to join.   BECOME A MEMBER NOW




Which Level is Right for you?

Access to ANT+ device profiles and reference code    
Access to ANT+ development tools, profile simulators and software    
Access to ANT-FS design and reference code    
Right to participate in ANT and ANT+ developer forums    
Ability to submit products for ANT+ certification (certification fees may apply)    
Ability to use ANT+ logo on certified products and associated marketing collateral    
Certified product listing    
Discounts on ANT+ certification    
Opportunity to participate in device profile technical working groups    
Early access to pre-release device profiles and development tools    
Annual Fees Free $1500/year

1 Acceptance of the ANT+ Adopter agreement is a prerequisite of ANT+ Membership and is required to access technical materials.


next step?

With ANT+, you can take an idea to market quickly and easy.  Visit our Getting Started with ANT+ page for a quick guide.