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July 18, 2014

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Call for Participants

Why develop an ANT+ Shifting Device Profile?
ANT+ already provides the most complete and widely adopted set of interoperable wireless data available to the cycling community. Adding real-time shifting data gives users the ability to keep track of their gear-shifting systems during a ride and adds another important dimension to the experience for competitive cyclists. Access to wireless shifting data can help users analyze their efficiency in addition to the performance data collected from other ANT+ sensors.

Data Accessibility:
The ANT+ Shifting Device Profile will allow for the seamless transfer of data between electronic gear-shifting systems and display devices such as smart phones, bike computers, and watches.

ANT+ Shifting TWG:
We have been working with SRAM to create an initial ANT+ Shifting Device Profile and would now like to invite all interested ANT+ Alliance Members to join the ANT+ Shifting Technical Working Group (TWG) and ensure it provides the key data your products will benefit the most from. The initial profile covering the reporting of real-time gear status is currently at alpha stage and is expected to be released to ANT+ Members later this year. We would like your input to help prioritize the data and potential features (i.e. wireless shifting control) to add next.

What does it mean to be part of the ANT+ Shifting TWG?
ANT+ Device Profiles are created with a committee of ANT+ Members who have a special interest in a particular case (i.e. shifting). Collectively this committee is referred to as the Technical Working Group. TWG members are anonymous to each other and we do not share any information between members other than information pertinent to the creation of the profile. TWG members will be asked what needs they would like this device profile to address, and to review and comment on profile drafts.

The Process:

  • The alpha device profile will be shared with TWG members and we will ask for feedback.
  • The member early release device profile will be released once the profile is mature and has been developed and tested against. Member early release profiles are guaranteed to be backwards compatible. For this reason it is important not to move to this release until a profile is relatively mature and stable. The member early release profile will be accessible to all ANT+ alliance members, not just the TWG.
  • The fully released device profile will be released several months after the member early release profile (and typically after product has been released that implements the profile), so that it becomes accessible to all ANT+ Adopters.

Throughout this process, and continuing into the future development of the profile, we will keep the TWG informed of any changes, and you will typically see alpha drafts of proposed profile improvements and be given the chance to comment.  Occasionally this review step will be omitted if we are working with a customer with tight time constraints.
The majority of this process will take place via email, although there may be occasional phone discussions.  You will always be welcome to contact us at any stage.

Joining the Technical Working Group:

  1. Your company must be an ANT+ Member.  (you can join here).  There are no additional fees or obligations to being a Technical Working Group participant. 
  2. You must sign a TWG agreement on behalf of your company. The agreement is simply to express a common understanding of confidentiality, IP exchange etc. NOTE:  If you have already signed a TWG agreement then your confidentiality agreement is automatically transferred to this TWG. 
  3. Email [email protected] to join

Accessing the TWG Agreement:

Deadline to join is Friday, August 15, 2014.

Questions?  Please contact [email protected]

We look forward to working with you!

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