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Critical Bytes

  • 26 February 2015

    Android ANT Radio Service 4.12.0 released to Play Store and SDK includes support for continuous scan mode channels and fixes support for third party adapter providers relying on implicit intents.

  • 13 February 2015

    New updates to the Android services and SDKs have been released!

    - ANT Radio Service 4.10.0 to the Google Play Store
    - ANT+ Plugins Service 3.4.0 to the Google Play Store
    - ANT USB Service 1.4.0 to the Google Play Store
    - Updated SDKs (ANT v.C.B4 and ANT+ v.P.B3) are also available on the thisisant download page and the SDK repo on Github.

    Significant Changes (Full changelog is available for view on the SDK repo on GitHub): Fixes for Android 5.0 compatibility; Support providing ANT+ sensor data through the Google FIT sensor API; Expose RSSI information of connected ANT+ sensors

  • 02 February 2015

    Version 14.00 of the FIT SDK, featuring support for Cycling Dynamics, is now available on the downloads page.  This version also includes updates to components to support further expansion into 32bit speed/altitude fields.  Encode examples are updated to better reflect usage of local id. Other minor profile updates.

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