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Critical Bytes

  • 26 August 2014

    NEW: the ANT+ Suspension Device Profile Rev 1.0_M.001 is now available to all ANT+ Members on the member early release section of the downloads page.

  • 26 August 2014

    SimulANT+ 1.6.1 is now available to ANT+ Members on the downloads page. This update adds simulators for suspension devices and displays.

  • 14 August 2014

    New versions of the ANT+ Radio Service (v.4.7.0) and ANT+ Plugins Service ( v.3.1.0) have been pushed to the Play Store recently and already have over 20 million downloads globally. Notable new features include private network key support, the FE-C profile including trainer, and the remote control profile. For developers, the updated APIs are available in the SDKs posted in the thisisant downloads section or on GitHub. Full changelogs are viewable online via the GitHub link.

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