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Tech FAQ


Where to find everything else!

Basic Troubleshooting

When things aren’t working as expected, start here…

What can I use ANT for?

Low level ANT details, including why the ANT protocol is built the way that it is, and what topologies it can handle.


Find out the difference between ANT and ANT+; how to access the ANT+ device profiles; and what to expect in terms of interoperability.

ANT in Mobile Phones

Working with Android, or finding dongles for other devices.

Channels and Configuration

Channels are the fundamental building blocks of ANT networks. Look here for information on channel types, searching, and channel events.


Pairing is an important subject to understand, as it is fundamental to creating network structures that work in real life situations. Different pairing methods are appropriate in different situations.

Network Keys

Network keys control access to ANT public, private, and managed networks.

Power Consumption

From optimising power consumption, to understanding power states (including sleep mode).


Bursting data uses all of the resources of the ANT radio to send data at maximum rate. Here’s how to handle some of the common challenges to make sure this works successfully.

Embedded Development

Find out how to interface application code to ANT.

Software Programming

Information for developing computer based applications, including how to work with Mac / Windows libraries.

USB Drivers

Questions relating to drivers for either the ANT USB sticks (ANT USB1, ANT USB2) or the ANT development kit USB stick.

ANTware II

ANTwareII is the ANT developer’s friend. It is great for trying out network configurations and logging the results.

ANT Hardware

Find out about the new AP2 / C7 features and the capabilities of various ANT modules & chipsets.


Common challenges when working with the Flexible & Interoperable File Transfer (FIT) protocol, and the file type .fit.


ANT-FS stands for ANT File Share...

Licensing and Certification

What you need licenses or certificates for; how to get them; what tests are involved; how long they take and the requirements to be met.

Regulatory Testing

Questions relating to testing devices that include ANT chips or modules for IC, FCC, or EU RF regulatory compliance.