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What licensing requirements apply to working with ANT?

Hardware licensing

Use of devices such as Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF24AP2 and TI’s CC257x, and the related modules in a design does not require a license.

Enabling ANT on TI multi-protocol devices and related modules does require a license. Please contact Dynastream for the details on enabling ANT on these platforms.

Network Keys

If you are building a non-ANT+ product (i.e. an ANT product that does not implement an ANT+ Device Profile) you may not use the ANT+ network key or the ANT+ frequency (2457MHz). You may use any other frequency and either the public network key or a private network key.


If you are building a product that is intended to interoperate with other ANT+ devices or applications, you’ll find our ANT+ Device Profiles, and an array of design tools, on the downloads page. Items marked with the ANT+ logo are only accessible to ANT+ Adopters. You can access them by signing up (for free!) to become an ANT+ Adopter, here: ANT+ Adopter sign-up. This will also give you access to a lot of good ANT+ forum advice, and the ANT+ network key.

To participate in the development of new ANT+ device profiles, gain direct technical support, and participate in B2B opportunities such as the ANT+ Symposium; see ANT+ Alliance Membership.


Openly available software posted on our downloads page comes with the Apache 2.0 license or the FIT protocol license. We’d like you to use the code, recognizing the value of maintaining interoperability.

Software marked with an ANT+ icon; (and only accessible to ANT+ Adopters) is covered by the ANT+ shared source license. Please check this for details and restrictions, however in general you are free to use the reference code within your commercial ANT+ products.