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About ANT Wireless

ANT Defined

ANT is a proven protocol and silicon solution for ultra-low power (ULP) practical wireless networking applications.



ANT/ANT+ are managed by ANT Wireless, a division of Garmin Canada Inc. The ANT+ Alliance is  a group of companies who have adopted the ANT+ promise of interoperability. The Alliance ensures standardized communications through optimized brand value and partnerships with other top tier products.

Garmin Canada is based in Alberta, Canada, and is a world innovator in the development of  sensor and wireless products and technology.




ANT+ facilitates interoperability between ANT+ Alliance member devices and the collection, automatic transfer and tracking of sensor data. Built on the base ANT protocol, ANT+ defines device profiles that specify data formats, channel parameters and network keys.



As part of the Connectivity Team at Garmin, we offer a progressive and innovative work environment where employees can launch their ideas and createcutting-edge products. See current job openings.

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  • Today

    As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Garmin, we continue to grow the sport, fitness and health with our world-leading monitoring and interoperable solutions with ANT in Alberta, Canada.

  • 2018

    Dynastream Innovations Inc. changes its name to Garmin Canada Inc.

  • 2008

    The ANT+ Alliance is created

  • 2006

    Dynastream becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of GarminĀ® Ltd

  • 2004

    ANT+, the first ultra-low power wireless standard is released

  • 2003

    ANT protocol launches

  • 2000

    Dynastream develops the first accelerometer-based speed and distance monitor for runners

  • 1998

    Dynastream Innovations Inc. is formed in Alberta, Canada