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ANT Wireless. Go Beyond.

“ANT+ has made it possible for us to bridge the gap for integrating wireless technology into the medical sector. The easy third party adaptation ANT+ offers has expanded our market and created additional opportunities that would not be possible without their technology.”

- Ken San Vicente, Engineering Product Lead, Dexcom Inc.

ANT+ Vision

Built from the ground up, the ANT+ team identified a problem and created a solution! The solution – a
revolutionary low power sensor technology – is now integrated into the most popular products/devices on the market today manufactured by industry leading brands in the sport, fitness and health sectors. This vision has taken the company from two engineers tinkering in a garage to a reputable international corporation. As the world leader in wireless sensor technology, ANT+ continues to expand its reach defining solutions that meet the demands of its customers. ANT+ is committed to evolve with the market and continue providing the most effective and efficient wireless monitoring solutions possible.

ANT Defined

ANT is a proven protocol and silicon solution for ultra-low power (ULP) practical wireless networking applications.


ANT+ provides the technology. Top brands provide world-leading products. ANT+ facilitates interoperability between ANT+ Alliance member devices and the collection, automatic transfer and tracking of sensor data. Applicable in sport, wellness management and home health monitoring, ANT+ (built on the base ANT protocol) defines device profiles that specify data formats, channel parameters and network keys.

Who We Are

ANT/ANT+ are managed by ANT Wireless, a division of Garmin Canada Inc. The ANT+ Alliance is an open special interest group of companies who have adopted the ANT+ promise of interoperability. The Alliance ensures standardized communications through optimized brand value and partnerships with other top tier products.

Garmin Canada is based in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, and is a world innovator in the research and development of inertial and wireless technology.


ANT+ offers a progressive and innovative work environment where employees can launch their extreme ideas and contribute to the creation and promotion of cutting-edge products. See current job openings and learn why the industry’s top professionals choose ANT+.

Job Opportunities


  • 2018

    Dynastream Innovations Inc. becomes Garmin Canada Inc.

  • 2012

    ST Ericsson builds in ANT+

  • 2012

    Android USB supports ANT+

  • 2011

    Adidas launches the GEN2 Speed_Cell for soccer. ANT+ technology captures running and various metrics for other sports such as soccer, basketball and tennis

  • 2011

    MOTOACTV with ANT+ launched

  • 2011

    HTC releases ANT enabled phones

  • 2010

    Sony initiates design of first ANT enabled smartphone

  • 2010

    First combo connectivity chip released with ANT support

  • 2010

    Bluetooth SIG releases 4.0

  • 2010

    ANT+ technology was tested by Schwinn mPower trainers at the IDEA conference in Anaheim, CA. There were no problems reported in the room with 80 bikes, each with a head console and two sensors, and many with ANT+ heart rate straps

  • 2010

    Team Columbia uses HTC Legend cell phones to track riders in the Tour de France

  • 2010

    Digifit releases first ANT+ iPhone bridge

  • 2010

    Texas Instruments releases the CC257x, ANT transceiver parts with integrated ANT-FS functionality, and improved RSSI

  • 2009

    ANT+ launches the FIT1-e module, an ANT+ based OEM module designed specifically for fitness equipment. This PCBA establishes a simple and reliable connection between fitness equipment and ANT+ devices

  • 2009

    Wahoo fitness releases iPhone API support of ANT+

  • 2009

    Nordic Semiconductor releases the nRF24AP2, the second generation ANT transceiver, with many new features, and improvements

  • 2008

    ANT+ and Star Trac bring wireless to fitness clubs. Spin bikes linking to multiple heart rate and cadence sensors. No cross talk or interference

  • 2008

    First ANT+ Symposium

  • 2007

    Release of AT3 chipset, the lowest power ANT solution with SensRcore

  • 2007

    ANT+ Alliance formalized

  • 2006

    ANT+ SDM added to Garmin Fitness line up; provides running cadence; complements GPS. Garmin acquires Dynastream

  • 2005

    Nordic Semiconductor introduced the nRF24AP1, the first 2.4 GHz transceiver with ANT protocol

  • 2004

    ANT, the first ever ultra low power wireless standard, is introduced to the market with products from Suunto and Atomic.

  • 2003

    The ANT wireless protocol is born