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ANT+ Product Certification

ANT+ Certification is designed to standardize ANT+ products, and is required in order to apply the ANT+ trademark or logo to a product.

Administered by ANT Wireless, this Certification process involves:

  • An ANT/ANT+ communication capability verification
  • An ANT+ device profile implementation testing or review (when applicable)
  • Proper device profile implementation provides interoperablity with other ANT+ products
  • An ANT+ brand review on product and product collateral
  • Consistent ANT+ branding assists consumers in determining the compatibility of branded products.  The Brand review ensures that minimum branding standards are met by all certified products to build brand awareness and consumer confidence in products displaying the ANT+ trademark 

ANT+ Certified products receive:

  • Listing(s) in the ANT+ Product directory
  • Approval to use the ANT+ logo and profile icons
  • Certification reports
  • An ANT+ certification number

Value for Brands.  Commitment to Consumers.

ANT+ Certification is required to apply the ANT+ trademark or logo to a product. 

The commitment and value of the ANT+ trademark, for both manufacturers and consumers, is device interoperability, industry-directing functionality and the link to a vast ANT+ ecosystem of connected products. ANT+ Certification provides:

  • Design and quality confidence
  • Manufacturers and consumers can be confident that products displaying ANT+ trademarks have been reviewed to meet ANT+ interoperability standards
  • Increased brand value and product differentiation
  • Bringing awareness to the certified ANT+ connectivity features in your product will strengthen the value that consumers place on your products. Adhering to the brand requirements and guidelines will assist with this awareness, while further expanding the long-term value of your devices.
  • ANT+ Product Directory Listing
  • The new ANT+ directory makes it easy to find what ANT+ products are compatible and how they work together.  A listing here provides:
  • an effective resource to differentiate your products to retail buyers
  • a useful point of purchase resource for retail sales staff
  • a  promotional tool to reach new markets and consumers

Certification applications are classified into different types to simplify the application process:

Type 1:  A new product that have never been certified.  

Type 2:  A new product or derivative model that is based on the same basic platform of a previously certified product. 


  1. Preparation

  • Download the ANT+ Device Profile Self Verification Tool (for products with ANT+ profiles implemented) and/or the ANT Mobile Device Verification Tool (for mobile platforms) in the Getting Started section and generate a self-verification report. 

  • Download the Brand Tools in the Getting Started section and ensure the minimum brand requirements are met (required for all submissions) 

  1. Application

When you are satisfied with your self-verification results, complete the online application form in the Getting Started section* to start the formal certification process. If you have multiple products in a bundle (e.g. a watch with a heart rate monitor and footpod), each product requires its own application. 

  1. Submission

Each application request will receive a confirmation email with a job number and a list of all required forms for your application type. Submit your completed forms to finish your application.

Please note:  Should you require additional time to compile your branding collateral, you may request a technical test first and schedule the branding check when your product collateral is ready for review. 

  1. Payment

A fee quotation and payment instructions will be emailed once the required submissions are checked by an ANT+ certification team member. Payment must be received before the certification test or review will commence.

*Note:  for budgeting purposes, a fee estimator is provided in the Getting Started section

  1. Sample(s)

A list of required samples will be emailed with your invoice. Samples must be shipped according to the shipping instructions provided in the Getting Started section in order to assure certification confidentiality and testing schedules.

Please do not ship samples prior to receiving the required sample list from the certification team.

After testing, samples will be returned upon request. 

  1. Testing & Review

The testing and review will take approximately 2 weeks following receipt of your payment and test sample(s). Status information will be provided throughout the certification process to the contact persons(s) identified on the submitted application form.​

  1. Product Listing

Products that are certified ANT+ compliant will be listed in the ANT+ Product Directory.  You will need to submit a listing form along with required product images.

Although the test and review itself generally takes approximately 2 weeks, this can take longer if issues are identified that require discussion and correction. Application & submission, sample shipping, fee payment and product listing also takes time to complete, so we recommend that you allow at least 4 weeks ahead of your scheduled product launch date to complete ANT+ Certification. If your product is already on the market, certification should be completed as soon as possible.

Please note:  Should you require additional time to compile your branding collateral, you may phase your certification submission so the ANT+ device profile review is scheduled first, and the brand check is conducted when your materials are ready for review.

Certification charges are based on the following factors:

  • ANT+ membership status. Significant membership discounts apply
  • Certification type and product classification
  • Product complexity
  • Number of implemented profiles and the sophistication thereof

For budgeting purposes, an online fee estimator is provided in the Getting Started section.  A formal quotation and payment instructions will be provided when your application is accepted.


ANT+™ Product Certification Confidentiality Policy

This policy describes how ANT Wireless, a division of Dynastream Innovations Inc. (Dynastream) and the administrator of the ANT+ Alliance, manages the Product Samples and Submitted Collateral provided by companies or their authorized agents (“the Applicant”) to obtain ANT+ Product Certification, as well as Certification Reports generated by ANT Wireless, for a specific product with or without a specified model, hardware revision or software release (“PRODUCT”).


“Product Samples” means hardware product samples, hardware accessories, and software as identified and listed in the submission that are provided by the Applicant pertaining to the PRODUCT subject to the ANT+ Certification process.

“Submitted Collateral” means the application form, checklists, videos, pictures, manuals etc, including product names and models that are submitted by the Applicant pertaining to the PRODUCT subject to the ANT+ Product Certification process.

“Certification Reports” means the reports pertaining to the PRODUCT under test and review, including associated photos, videos and other supporting attachments that are generated by ANT Wireless during the ANT+ Product Certification process.

“Confidential Materials” means Product Samples, Submitted Collateral and Certification Reports.

Use of Confidential Materials

ANT Wireless will limit disclosure of the Confidential Materials to only those ANT Wireless employees having direct involvement and responsibility for ANT+ Product Certification process. ANT Wireless will use the same degree of care as for its own information of like importance, but at least use reasonable care, in safeguarding against disclosure of the Confidential Materials.

ANT Wireless will (i) not reverse engineer, de-compile or disassemble any Product Samples; (ii) promptly notify the Applicant upon discovery of any unauthorized use or disclosure of the Confidential Materials and take reasonable steps to regain possession of the Confidential Materials and prevent further unauthorized actions or breach of this policy.

All Product Samples remain the property of the Applicant and will not be copied or reproduced without the express written permission of the Applicant, except for copies that are necessary in order to fulfill the ANT+ Product Certification test or review. The Product Samples will remain in the ANT Wireless facility located in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada during the period that this policy is in effect pertaining to a specific product.

Within thirty (30) days of the completion of the Certification test and review, or upon receiving an express written request by the Applicant, ANT Wireless will return or destroy the Product Samples along with all copies and portions thereof, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Applicant. Certification Reports will be disclosed only to the Applicant.

The Applicant acknowledges that Dynastream or its affiliates might from time to time independently develop products or applications that may have similarities to the Product Samples or Submitted Collateral provided for review.  This policy does not apply to any such products or applications so long as Dynastream’s or its affiliates’ development of such products or applications are done independently and without reference to the Product Samples or Submitted Collateral.

Additional Controls

The Applicant may request additional confidentiality controls. Such requests will be subject to the advanced and written approval of ANT Wireless. Such approvals must be issued by ANT Wireless and received by the Applicant prior to any submission of the Product Samples and the Submitted Collateral to ANT Wireless.

Effective Date

This policy will come into effect for a specific PRODUCT upon submission of the application for ANT+ Product Certification via the Certification webpage at http://www.thisisant.com/certRequest/certForm.php. This policy will expire for the PRODUCT when ANT Wireless (i) receives the approval for release by written authorization of the Applicant, (ii) observes a public press release pertaining to the PRODUCT, (iii) observes other public exposures of the PRODUCT, such as on the Applicant’s web pages, on public magazines, on public web sites, blogs and other online social media, in online stores and retail shops etc, or (iv) lawfully obtains any of the Product Samples and Submitted Collateral from a third party or parties without a duty of confidentiality, whichever comes first.

Changes to the Policy

If ANT Wireless makes any material changes to this Policy while it is applicable to the Applicant, it will notify the Applicant of such changes.

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An ANT+ Certified Product encompasses:

  •     hardware with embedded or installed software using ANT+ profile(s)
  •     hardware platform with an operating system that supports ANT/ANT+ communication
  •     hardware or software that converts ANT/ANT+ communication to and from another communication protocol
  •     software using or supporting ANT+ profile(s), that runs on an operating system

ANT+ Product Certification tests or reviews that the product:

  •     Supports ANT communication    
  •     Communicates in a standard fashion per ANT+ Device Profile specifications, if implemented
  •     Complies with ANT+ Brand Guidelines

By certifying a product, ANT Wireless, a division of Dynastream Innovations Inc. and the administrator of the ANT+ Alliance, does not make any other representations, warranties or certifications regarding the quality, performance or use of the product.