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ANT+ Membership

Anyone with a commecial interest in ANT+ technology will benefit from Membership.


What is the ANT+ Alliance?

The ANT+ Alliance is an open special interest group of companies who have adopted the ANT+ promise of interoperability. The Alliance ensures standardized communications through optimized brand value and partnerships with other top tier products.
ANT, ANT+ and the ANT+ Alliance are all managed by the ANT Wireless division of Garmin Canada Inc.

who should join?

Anyone with an interest in building ANT+ products, advancing the ecosystem and growing the market is welcome to join the ANT+ Alliance. 

You must activate a membership in order to:

  • use ANT+ technology in a product or service;
  • apply an ANT+ logo or trademark to a product or service; or
  • rebrand an ANT+ enabled product


Whether you are a device maker, application developer, silicon manufacturer, industry supplier, retailer, distributor, service provider, or other entity interested in developing or selling ANT+ products, there is a membership level to fit your needs.  Two options are available:

NO MEMBERSHIP FEE   *certification charges not included

Start as an Adopter and receive free access to:

  • ANT+ Device Profiles and reference code
  • ANT+ Device Profiles software simulators
  • ANT-FS Design and reference code
  • ANT/ANT+ Forums (technical support)

These items are offered royalty-free through the ANT+ Adopter Agreement.  

It's easy to join.    BECOME AN ADOPTER NOW


$1500 USD ANNUAL DUES   *certification discounts apply

Upgrade to an annual ANT+ membership for enhanced commercial, marketing and technical benefits:

  • Gain market advantage – receive early access to ANT+ device profiles and tools. Enjoy direct technical support
  • Participate in member only networking events – Member focus groups and other member meetings
  • Promote your products and company – list your company on the detailed ANT+ Member Directory, take advantage of cooperative marketing and joint promotional opportunities, and showcase your products at collaborative exhibits at various trade shows
  • Financial benefits – enjoy substantial discounts on ANT+ Product Certification
  • Shape the future – participate in ANT+ Technical Working Groups to drive new ANT+ device profile development

It's easy to join.   BECOME A MEMBER NOW




Contact [email protected]

Which Level is Right for you?

Access to ANT+ device profiles and reference code    
Access to ANT+ development tools, profile simulators and software    
Access to ANT-FS design and reference code    
Right to participate in ANT and ANT+ developer forums    
Ability to submit products for ANT+ certification (certification fees may apply)    
Ability to use ANT+ logo on certified products and associated marketing collateral    
Certified product listing    
Certified product promotion opportunities    
Discounts on ANT+ certification    
Access to direct technical support    
Custom ANT+ Manufacturing ID    
Ability to request and initiate new device profile development    
Opportunity to participate in device profile technical working groups    
Early access to pre-release device profiles and development tools    
Access to business introductions and referrals    
Company listing in and access to the detailed ANT+ Member Directory    
Right to participate in ANT+ commercial forums    
Opportunity to showcase your company and products at collaborative trade show exhibits (CES, IHRSA, Interbike, Medica)    
Ability to participate in cooperative marketing and joint promotional opportunities    
Annual Fees Free $1500/year

1 Acceptance of the ANT+ Adopter agreement is a prerequisite of ANT+ Membership and is required to access technical materials.


next step?

With ANT+, you can take an idea to market quickly and easy.  Visit our Getting Started with ANT+ page for a quick guide.