New ANT+ Adopter Agreement and ANT+ Brand Guide
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  • Jun 01, 2014

    New ANT+ Adopter Agreement and ANT+ Brand Guide

    New ANT+ Adopter Agreement and ANT+ Brand Guide will provide you with simple, efficient ways to engage with ANT+.


    This agreement applies to both ANT+ Adopters and ANT+ Members and is now a pre-requisite of ANT+ Membership.

    The ANT+ Adopter Agreement has been updated to clarify the following areas:

    • Personal and corporate use terms
    • Transfer and assignment of rights and obligations terms
    • Intellectual property areas
    • Use of ANT_ trademarks

    Download the new ANT+ Adopter Agreement


    To accommodate the new and dynamic products that are growing our ecosystem, we continually update our Brand Guide with the most practical brand options.

    An updated ANT+ Brand Guide and new online brand resources are now available to ANT+ Members and Adopters.

    Key features include:

    • A Quick Guide summary of who is authorized to use which brand element and where.
    • A new ANT+ Certification Brand Requirements section outlined by use cases that clearly states the requirements and placement of ANT+ logos, word marks and symbols on ANT+ certified products.
    • New online brand best practices and tips are now available to assist you with the use of ANT+ brand elements.

    Current documents will always reside here for your easy reference.  Upon request, individual Brand Guides are also available for use of the ANT logo (used on products based on the ANT protocol but not incorporating ANT+ Device Profiles) and ANT+ LINK HERE  logo (used on Certified Fitness Machines for proximity pairing) .

    Download the new ANT+ Brand Guide

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