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Established Ecosystem of
Connected Solutions

ANT Wireless and the members of the ANT+ Alliance have
created a vast array of products that together form a complete
ecosystem of interoperable solutions for sport, fitness and health.

Industry Leaders Build Solutions That Work

The ANT+ Ecosystem has quickly evolved into the leading source of connected solutions for many different market segments.  Driven by the extensive capabilities of the ANT+ technology and the creativity of the ANT+ Alliance Members, the ANT+ ecosystem features an unparalleled array of dynamic and practical products. 

Whether addressing an activity for an individual or a group, an application for sport or for health, the ANT+ Ecosystem continually delivers the peak of innovation to the market.  Its success is due to the strength of the ANT+ technology, the reliability of the ANT+ interoperable standard and the collaboration with global industry leaders. 

Established.  Proven.  Adopted.  

ANT+ provides connectivity and interoperability between devices including:

  • Heart rate
  • Step count
  • Running/walking speed
  • Fitness equipment
  • Activity
  • Bicycle cadence
  • Bicycle speed
  • Combined bicycle speed and cadence
  • Bicycle power
  • Bicycle crank torque frequency
  • Light electric vehicle
  • Speed from non-stride based sensors
  • Position
  • Continuous Glucose
  • Geocache
  • Personal fall and emergency response alert
  • Temperature
  • Remote control for music devices
  • Weight 
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Muscle oxygen sensors
  • Racquet sensors (stroke count & accuracy)
  • Foot pressure warning sensors
  • Remote control for video camera devices
  • Remote control for bike computers

Consumers are able to mix and match products and applications. 
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