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Born to Solve
Real Problems

ANT Wireless is a division of Garmin Canada Inc. (formerly Dynastream
Innovations) and evolved out of the need to master ultra low power wireless
communication between devices. We designed a solution to solve a real problem
and are extremely proud to offer that real solution to the world.


It Began With an Idea

Established in 1998, Dynastream Innovations Inc. introduced the first accelerometer-based speed and distance monitor for runners in 2000.

The Need for an Optimized Wireless Technology

When we first began developing our shoe-mounted sensors, there were no cost-effective, off-the-shelf wireless protocols suitable for communicating the sensor data to a watch receiver, or capable of running on a watch battery. It was necessary to develop an ultra-low power but capable wireless protocol simply to get our first product to market. Over time, as our sensor technologies became more diverse and their requirements more complex, the wireless protocol was adapted to provide greater flexibility and scalability.  We soon came to realize the broad commercial applicability of this simple-to-use but powerful wireless technology.

ANT Was Born

In 2003, we launched our wireless protocol ANT™ and in  2004 we created the first ultra low power wireless standard, ANT+. That same year, products from both Atomic® and Suunto were introduced to the market.


Integrated PAN Solutions

Commercialization efforts were propelled forward in 2005, when Nordic Semiconductor introduced the nRF24AP1, the first 2.4 GHz transceiver with ANT™. Since then, the company has worked with partners to develop a broad range of drop-in ANT™ solutions, ranging from general-purpose single-chip products like Nordic’s nRF24AP2, to highly integrated, multi-mode communication chipsets like Texas Instruments’ WiLink 6.0, which supports ANT™, WiFi, Bluetooth® and FM radio for mobile handset PAN applications.


While Dynastream refined its ANT™ wireless protocol and worked with silicon partners to ensure best-in-class technical performance, the company also established a communication interface standard for ultra-low power devices initially named ANT+Sport. It quickly became evident that the market segments utilizing this interface would extend beyond sport and thus, the name of our communication standard was changed to ANT+.

As we defined use cases and published ANT+ profiles, we allowed companies to build products based on their core strengths knowing that they could sync with other, complimentary best-in-class devices.  This unique move launched the ANT+ Alliance (an open special interest group of companies who have adopted the ANT+ promise of interoperability) and prompted the development of significant new products.

Today, hundreds of companies are members of the ANT+ Alliance, building products across a range of Personal Area Network (PAN) applications, including sports, wellness and home health monitoring.

Growing the Market

In December 2006, Garmin® Ltd, once a valued Dynastream customer, purchased the company.  Today, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Garmin, we continue to grow the sport, fitness and health with our world-leading monitoring and interoperable solutions.

In 2018, Dynastream Innovations Inc. change its name to Garmin Canada Inc. 

We are based in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.