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  • Wirelessly collect, transfer and view real-time data from multiple sensors on multiple displays.
    Sync top monitoring devices with best-in-class indoor fitness equipment.
  • No interference. Easy pairing.
  • Mix and match top monitoring products by recognized international brands. Link to millions of
    products in the market.
  • Simplified and flexible retail options available

 The Ultimate Member Experience:

  • Mix-and-match top products from leading fitness brands to create your own customized monitoring solution
  • Use your outdoor monitoring devices indoors thanks to the flexibility and versatility of ANT+
  • Pair devices easily. Connect and disconnect monitoring products seamlessly
  • Tested for up to 80 devices working within the same area

Your Data, Your Way:

  • Measure more than just Heart Rate – Power (watts), Speed and Cadence
  • Multiple monitoring products can be in the same area with no interference
  • One sensor to many displays (Eg. See your real-time heart rate data on your watch, bike computer and big screen)
  • Many sensors to one display (Eg. See your real-time Heart Rate, Speed, Cadence and Power data on your bike computer)
  • Many sensors to many displays (Eg. See your real-time Heart Rate, Speed, Cadence and Power data on your watch, bike computer and big screen)

Happy Clients, Happy Club:

Cost Effective Solutions:
  • Clients can use existing ANT+ devices in your gym
  • Many indoor bikes come with ANT+ built in
  • Software and set up is easy and inexpensive
ANT+ Market Adoption:
  • Over 200 existing ANT+ products can be used in indoor cycling classes now
  • Products link with equipment by leading indoor fitness brands like Star Trac, Body Bike, Schwinn, Tacx, Woodway, Concept2, Watt Bike, etc.
  • Software and set up is easy and inexpensive
Convenience for Members, Retention and Revenue for your Club:
  • Simplify and clarify your accessory wall with ANT+ enabled products. The advanced features, interoperability and great brand partners make ANT+ an easy choice when selecting your good, better and best products for each season.
  • Inventory control also becomes simpler because your customers can interchange one ANT+ brand with another.
Let the ANT+ Product Directory Be Your Silent Salesman (
  • The perfect resource tool for both staff and customers, the new ANT+ Product Directory guides you to the vast array of compatible ANT+ products and then to the sites of various manufacturers. Accurate information on certified ANT+ products is at your fingertips so you can sell a complete user experience.
  • Upsell to compatible products that will grow with the customer
  • Resell to customers who come back to add another fantastic device to their system
  • Cross-sell various products of various brands
  • Upgrade a customer’s old product to the latest to suit their needs
  • Offer a gift list of compatible devices