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Software Tools

Speed up your development by using the best tool for the task!

The table below summarizes the available software tools for ANT / ANT+ developers. These tools are all available from the downloads page. To receive notification when these tools are updated, or when new tools are released, sign up for the Critical Bytes RSS Feed.

Note that these tools were designed to run under Windows. To access any ANT+ related tools and workshops, you will need to have signed the ANT+ Adopter agreement.

ANTware II

Screenshot of ANTware II


✔ Do use this for:

  • Developing and testing ANT configurations
  • Learning about ANT


✘ Don't use this for:

  • Working with ANT+ Devices - While this is possible, your task will be faster using SimulANT+
Tip: You can automate some ANTware II tasks using AutoANT.
Download:  ANTware II   ANTware II & SimulANT+ Workshop


Screenshot of SimulANT+


✔ Do use this for:

  • Receiving from ANT+ devices
  • Sending simulated ANT+ data to a display device
  • Developing and testing your ANT+ product


✘ Don't use this for:

  • Reverse engineering ANT+ devices - Coding directly from the ANT+ Device Profile is typically simpler and faster!
Tip: You can extend the functionality of SimulANT+ using IronPython scripts. Example scripts are included in the zip file.
Download:  SimulANT+   ANTware II & SimulANT+ Workshop

FIT - CSV Converter

screenshot of fit to csv conversion


✔ Do use this for:

  • Converting FIT files to CSV files
  • Converting CSV files to FIT files
  • Checking your FIT files make sense


✘ Don't use this for:

  • Cheating on Strava
Tip: drag files onto the relevant .bat file to convert them.
Download: FIT SDK 



ANT-FS PC Client screenshot


✔ Do use this for:

  • Getting familiar with ANT-FS
  • Troubleshooting ANT-FS implementations
  • Uploading and downloading files from ANT-FS enabled devices



✘ Don't use this for:

  • As a starting point for creating a new ANT-FS application - DEMO_ANTFS in the Windows Library package is a much simpler place to start!
Tip 1: There is a lot of useful information in the debug logs generated by this tool. 
Tip 2: ANT-File Share is used to wirelessly transfer files. Here is an intro to ANT-FS.
Download:  ANT-FS PC Tools

ANT Android Emulator Bridge Tool

ANT Android Emulator Bridge Tool screenshot


✔ Do use this for:

  • Bridging ANT traffic between an Android Emulator and ANT USB


✘ Don't use this for:

  • Testing RSSI applications - ANT USB sticks do not support RSSI; you'd need to use an actual Android device (i.e. not an emulator) to use RSSI.
Tip: Set the localhost IP address to
Download:  ANT Android Emulator Bridge Tool