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Tech Bulletin

  • Oct 05, 2012

    All Change!

    Welcome to the new "This is ANT" website, and to the very first Tech Bulletin!

    The ANT+ Applications team will be using this blog to address current topics and themes that we see appearing in the support forums. We will also add posts to introduce you to new software tools or updates.  If you would like to give us feedback or discuss these topics then the Forum remains the place to do so.

    In this first post we want to explain the biggest change you're likely to have seen on; as you can see, this site has been completely redesigned and re-organised. We think these changes are for the better, but still you might be wondering:

    What happened to the Adopter Zone?


    The new website has been developed with several user groups in mind: Consumers, Retailers, Commercial business people, and Developers. The Developer section has been put together by the ANT+ Applications team with the aim of making it easy to develop ANT and ANT+ products. The information has been structured progressively, to give anyone that is new to ANT guidance on where to start and where to go next. If you start at the beginning (with ANT Basics) and follow the suggested order, you should find that you always have the foundational knowledge needed for the new information to make sense.

    If you are already familiar with ANT and ANT+ you can jump straight to the information you need using the menu at the top of each page. And if you are looking for the information that used to live in the Developer Zone or the Adopter Zone, you can find it all on the Downloads page. All software and documentation that you may need to download is now on this one page, and you will be able to access items based on your user status. For items that used to be in the Adopter Zone, you will still need to have signed the Adopter Agreement. Only now you don't have to navigate to a separate area to find what you're looking for. If you would more information about an item before you download it - just hover to see the full title, description, version and file size.

    We hope that this will make it easier for you to use the site - if you have comments or ideas for how we can improve, then let us know!

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