ANT+ Sync - A world of interoperable File Sharing
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Tech Bulletin

  • Apr 28, 2014

    ANT+ Sync - A world of interoperable File Sharing

    Products can use ANT-File Share interoperably and independently of the type of data they gather.

    Almost all ANT+ device profiles focus on transferring a specific set of data between devices. The ANT+ Heart Rate Device Profile defines the transfer of real-time heart rate data. The ANT+ Racquet Device Profile defines the transfer of real-time and stored stroke type, stroke count etc. The exception is ANT+ Sync...

    The ANT+ Sync Device Profile is special in that it allows for the transfer of any stored data gathered from any type of sensor. Any data that can be stored in a FIT activity file (plus any additional files) can be shared. A FIT Activity file is the type of file typically created by sports watches, bike computers, and more recently smart phone apps and even heart rate monitors to describe an activity that a user has completed such as a triathlon, tennis match or gym workout. It is the standard format for uploading data to online systems such as Training Peaks, Garmin Connect or Strava.

    Sports and mobile devices syncing with the cloud, via ANT+ Sync.

    The ANT+ Sync Device Profile defines the standard channel parameters to enable connection and the establishment of an ANT-FS session between a sync host and a sync client.

    It is a simple device profile, and implementing it makes syncing sports and wellness data so simple for users that, once setup, they don’t have to think about uploading data at all.

    >> Visit the downloads page to find the ANT+ Sync Device Profile*


    Using ANT-File Share and/or FIT files without ANT+ Sync is appropriate for situations where there is no advantage to keeping the file transfer interoperable. For example, firmware updates are likely to be managed independently by the device manufacturer. In this situation the manufacturer may choose a different set of channel parameters to only connect with their own devices. An overview of ANT-File Share and FIT is provided, or you can download the ANT-FS Technical Specification and the FIT SDK from the downloads page.


    *You’ll need to click through the ANT+ Adopter agreement to access ANT+ device profiles.

    To see which products already support this device profile take a look at the Product Directory.

    To add your product or application to the directory, apply for ANT+ Certification.

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