N548 Module Upgraded to Rev B
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Tech Bulletin

  • Feb 06, 2015

    N548 Module Upgraded to Rev B

    The N548 module is now upgraded to rev B.

    As part of our continuous improvement efforts, Dynastream is upgrading the N548 module series to rev B with new factory pre-loaded software. One significant enhancement of this upgrade is the addition of the ANT-WP (Wireless Programming) bootloader which enables over-the-air firmware updates. Other upgrades are the S210 SoftDevice and the ANT Network Processor code. The N5 ANT SoC Module Datasheet rev 1.4 has been released to detail all of the new added functions, as well as important notes thereof.

    Nowadays products are getting smarter and smaller with ever shorter cycles from design to market. With this, user friendly field updates providing new features or bug fixes becomes mandatory. Just about a month ago, the new N5 Starter Kit SDK was released with ANT DFU (Device Firmware Updates) reference codes. Now this over-the-air firmware update feature is embedded into the N5 module through the combination of three factory pre-loaded software components – the ANT-WP bootloader, the ANT Network Processor code and the S210 SoftDevice v.4.0.1.

    In the N5 module rev B, the firmware update function can be triggered either by tying one input pin to high during power up or by sending a serial command to the module. Not only does this firmware update feature enable out-of-the-box use (e.g. in a production line to load custom application), but it also showcases to developers how the OTA update feature can be tailored and implemented in different ways to fit in their product needs or unique use cases.

    With the release of rev B, we will also open a new ANT hardware product forum. Please join us as we would like to hear from you.

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