N550 module released and N5150 receiving pre-orders
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Tech Bulletin

  • Aug 12, 2015

    N550 module released and N5150 receiving pre-orders

    We are pleased to provide several important product updates.

    N550 and N5150

    Several new models in our popular N5 module series are introduced:

    1. N550 series, using the nRF51422-CEAA V3 chip with 16K RAM. Already available.  
    2. N5150 series, using the nRF51422-CFAC with 32K RAM.  Pre-orders may be placed now. Expected volume availability is at the end of September.

    These N5 models are loaded with the newly released SoftDevice S210 V5.0.0, which includes two major enhancements to better serve today’s evolving wireless connection needs:

    1. The number of independent ANT channels supported has increased from 8 to 15;
    2. All ANT channels, instead of only one, are now capable of data encryption.

    These ANT feature enhancements are also found in the ANT/BLE dual protocol SoftDevice S310 V3.0.0.

    All new models are pin-compatible with the current N548 series and are available in the same M8 and M4 form factors with the same reel and tray packaging options. As the M5 form factor is for development purposes, we will provide the fully featured N5150M5CD (32K RAM) only

    Please refer the updated product page and datasheet.

    EN 300 328 V1.9

    All N5 modules will now have EN 300 328 v1.9 added to the EU compliance suite. We appreciate your input and patience, and are happy to deliver this report and an updated CE declaration of conformity on request. 

    N548 Discontinuation

    we are also announcing the discontinuation and last time buy period of the N548 module series (N548M4CB, N548M5CB and N548M8CB models). Current N548 module customers should naturally transition to the N550 series. For details, please refer to the product change notice APC_P271.

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