New Development Solution Created to Bridge ANT+ in Existing Android Smartphones
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Tech Bulletin

  • Mar 01, 2013

    New Development Solution Created to Bridge ANT+  in Existing Android Smartphones

    Heard about the Selfloops accessory on the ANT Forum? Now the developer version is available! Selfloops ANT+ Accessory will bring ANT+ capability to over 400 million active Android smartphones for real-time display of sport, fitness and health data from ANT+ sensors.

    Developers now have access to a development kit for an innovative bridge product that builds ANT+ based applications for virtually all Android devices with versions 2.3.4 and higher. The consumer version of the product, to follow this release, will enable an Android smartphone to communicate sport, fitness and health data such as heart rate, foot speed and distance, bike speed, power, cadence and more with any certified ANT+ device. This links Android applications to ANT+ products manufactured by top brands such as Garmin, Timex, and Geonaute.

    “We’ve created a smart smartphone charger in response to the demand for ANT+ connection to Android devices and we are excited to find a strategic partner to help mass produce the product for consumers,” said Selfloops co-founder, Christian Del Rosso. “This is the only smartphone accessory that will enable ANT+ in Android devices with versions 2.3.4 and higher covering over 85% of the Android installed base. Existing solutions only cover Android 3.1 and upward (43% of the installed base) so we are eager to offer a product that brings ANT+ to the mass population of Android users.”

    The Selfloops smartphone accessory supports ANT+ with ANT-FS (file-sharing) and connects to an Android device via USB. The device also functions as a charger, extending the battery life of a connected smartphone. The accessory adheres to the Android USB Accessory Protocol and supports devices that do not have the USB host feature. Developers can use the official Android ANT APIs from ANT Wireless for application development. An existing application already running Android ANT APIs will be compatible and not require a program change.

    “It’s very evident that consumers want ANT+ in their smartphones and we’re pleased to have an ANT+ Member develop a device that gives existing Android app developers and users an option to connect to ANT+,” said ANT Wireless Vice President, Rod Morris. “This is a very effective bridge product and we are pleased to welcome it to the ANT+ family.”

    “Many opportunities exist that can utilize the Selfloops ANT+ Accessory,” added other Selfloops co-founder, Piero Ribichini. “Not only can the technology be used for app development and general consumer access to ANT+, but there is potential for the accessory to be included in products such as fitness equipment as an ANT+ docking station for Android devices. It also establishes the market segment of smart smartphone chargers. We have strategic partnership, distribution and licensing opportunities available and we look forward to exploring all these options.”

    For more information on the Selfloops ANT+ Accessory, or to purchase the application development kit, please contact Selfloops at

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