M3i Studio Indoor Bike
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M3i Studio Indoor Bike

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M3i Studio Indoor Bike
Other models include: M3i Studio Plus Indoor Bike

The M3i Studio is the latest in Keiser’s line of connected, magnetic-resistance indoor bikes. It features the new Studio Display with Ride by Color™ and the latest in wireless connectivity.

The new Studio Display adds impressive new features and expanded connectivity to Keiser's M Series indoor bikes.

Next Generation Connectivity
The Studio Display features Bluetooth® FTMS, CSCS, and CPS connectivity as well as ANT+™. This lets you share your ride data with apps and devices, as well as group cycling projection systems.

Track Intensity Four Ways
Functional threshold protocol (FTP)
Heart rate (HR)
Metabolic equivalents (METs),
Speed in MPH or KM/H.

Ride by Color™
The Studio Display lets you monitor ride intensity using color-coded zones for FTP and HR. The display's progress bar shows your current performance within and across zones. It's a fun and engaging way to connect with your level of exercise.

No Cords, No Battery
The M3i's pedal-powered generator charges a supercapacitor that powers the Studio Display. This conveniently provides a lifetime of power without the hassles of cords or batteries.

The M3i Studio and M3i Studio Plus, bring new features to the Keiser M3i. The Keiser M3i was the first in the industry to use magnetic resistance. And Keiser designed its M3 Series drivetrain to go with it.

The key to the M3 Series drivetrain is its single Poly-V belt. It transmits high loads over very small pulleys. This enables the M3i to achieve a road-bike experience with a lightweight, aluminum flywheel.

*This product is ANT+ Certified

This product has completed ANT+ Certification to demonstrate interoperability via ANT+ communication. Neither Garmin Canada Inc. nor its affiliates, or the administrator(s) of the ANT+ Alliance, make any other representations, warranties or certifications regarding the safety, quality, performance or use of any products that implement ANT+ profiles by certifying a product, which is limited to reviewing whether the device submitted for review communicates in a standard fashion per ANT+ Device Profile specifications.

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