Smart HRM
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Smart HRM

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It searches and tracks an ANT+ external heart rate sensor in addition to the sensor paired in the system settings or the built-in optical heart rate sensor.
The heart rate data is recorded in a separate stream in the FIT for later analysis.

Important: you shouldn't pair the heart rate sensor with the watch.

If it's already paired you can disable it in the watch:

Menu - Sensors & Accessories - [Your HRM] - Status - Remove or Off

Initially, the strongest sensor is picked up and remembered throughout the activity.

To avoid tracking the wrong sensor, the ID can be fixed in the data field settings.

Use cases:

- Compare heart rate sensors. Two ANT+ sensors, or the internal optical of a watch and an ANT+ sensor.

- Watching and recording a training partners heart rate for pacing.

An example use cases:

- Comparing an auxiliary heart rate sensor to the optical sensor in the watch.

- Pacing training partners. My device natively connects to my heart rate sensor and this data field connects to my partner's, such that I can see how hard they are going while pacing in the front, and still -- in parallel -- record and watch my own heart rate.


- ANT+ ID of external HRM - if set, then it will only connect to that device. Default is 0: connect to the closest device.

- Show HR from watch sensor - when enabled then the field will be split and will display the heart rate from both the external HRM and the watch.

Supported devices:

- Any ANT+ heart rate monitor, i.e:

- Garmin chest straps: HRM-SS, HRM-Dual, HRM-Swim, HRM-Run, HRM-Tri, HRM-Pro

- Polar: Verity Sense, H9, H10

- Wahoo Fitness: TICKR FIT Armband, TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

Based on IMGrant's and flyingflo's Auxiliary Heart Rate data field.

*This product is ANT+ Certified

This product has completed ANT+ Certification to demonstrate interoperability via ANT+ communication. Neither Garmin Canada Inc. nor its affiliates, or the administrator(s) of the ANT+ Alliance, make any other representations, warranties or certifications regarding the safety, quality, performance or use of any products that implement ANT+ profiles by certifying a product, which is limited to reviewing whether the device submitted for review communicates in a standard fashion per ANT+ Device Profile specifications.

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