Sports Tracker PRO (Android)
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Sports Tracker PRO (Android)

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Released: 2011

All the features of the free app, plus interval programs, graphs, and beat yourself, time and calorie goal settings with audio coaching feedback.

Requires an ANT enabled Android phone/device

*Compatibility Note:  There is a known application compatibility issue that impacts support on Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra (running Android 4.2) as well as on all other Android devices requiring a USB stick or Selfloops accessory for ANT communication.  This situation is temporary. Efforts are underway by Sony and third party ANT Library suppliers to provide updates that ensure backward compatibility of ANT apps on Android. As the timing of app updates to include the new ANT libraries are dependent upon the scheduling of each individual app developer, please contact the app developer to encourage their efforts for compatibility.  For update schedules, please contact Sony or the app developer directly.


*This product is self verified

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