T100 Power Bike Trainer
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T100 Power Bike Trainer

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T100 Power Bike Trainer is a direct-drive bike trainer designed especially for beginners of indoor cycling. The foldable frame and built-in battery endows the T100 Power Bike Trainer with maximum portability, functionality and flexibility, making it possible for cyclists to carry out training plans anytime and anywhere.

*This product is ANT+ Certified

This product has completed ANT+ Certification to demonstrate interoperability via ANT+ communication. Neither Garmin Canada Inc. nor its affiliates, or the administrator(s) of the ANT+ Alliance, make any other representations, warranties or certifications regarding the safety, quality, performance or use of any products that implement ANT+ profiles by certifying a product, which is limited to reviewing whether the device submitted for review communicates in a standard fashion per ANT+ Device Profile specifications.

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