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Onboard GPS: The latest onboard GPS technology from MediaTek showcases your location with 100% accuracy. It helps measure distance, pace and average pace while guiding you through your route. The built-in GPS does not require your smartphone to work and can function independently on your TRAQ gear.

Battery: Get long-lasting battery life that can endure day and night just like you. With algorithms written to optimize your gear’s battery life, TRAQ Cardio will never run out on you. The 290 mAh battery lasts for 7 days on standard mode, while you continue to push harder.

Heart Rate Zones: The heart rate zones display, monitors your exercise intensity based on your heart rate. It is divided into 5 zones: warming up (50-60%), calorie burn (61-70%), aerobic exercise (71-80%), anaerobic exercise (81-90%) and maximum intensity (91-100%). Monitoring your heart rate zone enables better pace management and helps you endure longer.

*This product is ANT+ Certified

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