VeloComputer Smart Sensor
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VeloComputer Smart Sensor

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Released: October 2014

VeloComputer™ Smart Sensor works without any magnets. It can be wirelessly configured to work as HUB for speed or CRANK for cadence sensor.

VC5HUB sensor calculates the wheel motion with unmatched precision. It can measure distance with 1" (25mm) precision. This precise data is used to accurately calculate spot speed and acceleration.

VC5CRANK sensor calculates cadence and can also detect crank position with 1° precision for backpedaling.

Note:  This product does not support the ANT+ Combined Speed&Cadence bike profile (S&C)  and will not work with devices or apps that only support that profile

*This product is ANT+ Certified

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  • Cycling
  • Bike Speed / Cadence Sensors

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