Xperia Z1
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Xperia Z1

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Released: September 2013

Xperia Z1 , a premium waterproof smartphone that combines the very best of Sony’s technology, entertainment and wide range of companion products with a unique and groundbreaking camera experience. Xperia Z1 also includes all of the features consumers have come to expect of a Sony smartphone.

Certified models include C6902, C6903, C6906, C6916, C6943, L39T, L39H, SO-01F, SOL23

*Note: there is a known application compatibility issue that impacts support on Sony Xperia Z1 (running Android 4.2) for legacy applications that use old ANT system libraries. his situation is temporary. Efforts are underway by Sony and third party ANT Library suppliers to provide updates that ensure backward compatibility of ANT apps on Android.  As the timing of app updates to include the new ANT libraries are dependent upon the scheduling of each individual app developer, please contact the app developer directly to encourage their efforts for compatibility.  Please contact Sony or the app developer for update schedule details.

*This product is ANT+ Certified

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