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sony ericsson x10 mini


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good afternoon... im glad because i just connect my garmin heart rate belt to my sony ericsson x10 mini. and now i see my heart rate..smile. now.... i would like to ask you if there is any program to connect my heart rate zone and calculate my burned calories from my heart rate and excersising time...

im not a developer and the programs that i found on android market calculate calories from distance and time and this is not reliable... now i use fit demo only to see my heart rate and its more quiqkly than other programs...

so.... my question is if there any posibility to see on my phone my heart rate the time and my burned calories without using any gps because im exercising in class... thank for your time keep developing to make our lives greatB)      

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Wankel would like to know your procedure for making Ant available on your mini x SE? Any help would be appreciated.

Cy Drollinger      

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What each Android application shows and keeps track of is entirely up to the developers who code it. The FIT demo was intended to be used as a demonstration of the ANT radio in mobile phones.