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I'm looking at your Profile.xls for formatting specifications on the hrm_profile. But I can't seem to find more information on the hrm_ant_id field, other than it is 16 bits wide anywhere in your documents.

I need to figure out what type of information and the format of hrm_ant_id in order to send the hrm device id to the ANT FIT1e module during pairing.

Could you please point me in the right document to find this information or an example of what those 16 bits require?

Thank You,

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the ant_hrm_id field contains the 16 bit "device number" ... the "Device Number" is part of the HRM's Channel ID ...

The FIT1e module will automatically take this value and configure the HRM channel accordingly... you do not have to manually take the hrm_ant_id field from a settings file and resend to the FIT1e module... it is all handled within the module itself...