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I want to connect X10 mini (mobile phone)  How to set my program


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My program already can use to connect to Adidas & Garmin watch

But mobile phone can not be connected.

Why? How to set it up?      

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What do you want your program to connect to? Are you trying to get a PC application to communicate with a specific mobile app?

Have you had a look at

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That's not really an answer now, is it? Everything here is pointing back at that post which doesn't really tell anything.

So please, can somebody here, for us al noobs explain step by step how to get an App working with Ant+ when working with Eclipse? Even the Ant+ demo can't really help out here, so can anybody make a step by step tutorial?      

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The demo code 'imported' into eclips straight away for me.

I had spent a good week going though various Android tutorials and learning about it and getting eclips setup correctly for me first though. These tutorials designed to get you going with Android are where you should start rather than jumping straight in with the Ant code. I found it a big learning curve and I have 20+ years of software experiance. If you are new to Android there is no way of avoiding this learning curve that I can see.


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Sorry, but this first post seems to be very hard to understand, Alejandra just guessed what this post MIGHT meen.
So it would help a lot if the original poster could be more specific.      

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I already did all the basic tutorials and I am able to write a working app for Android with Eclipse.

Now however I want to involve heart rate measurement into an app. Ant+ seemed great for this so I bought a SE X8 specially for this project, thinking this would be doable.

While programming Android Apps is doable, working with Ant+ really isn't.

I can't even get the Demo code to compile and run through eclipse. I loaded the demo as a project and the library as a library project. Then set the library to be the library used by the Ant+ demo. However, each time when i hit the run button I get: Your project contains error(s), please fix them before running the application.

Mostly it says: IAnt_6 cannot be resolved to a type

Now, I'm no genius in App developing and I don't have your 20 years of experience, but shouldn't Demo programs work out of the box without errors?

Apparently, looking at this forum and other forums I'm not the only one with this problem. It seems to me quite vital for Ant+ that the threshold to use their SDK and hardware should be as low as possible. So could you help me and all the others out there by describing how to set up eclipse to get the Ant+ Demo working and compiling from Eclipse?

You would help this community a lot by doing so.      

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I used the following steps on a clean eclipse workdir/

1. Import the eclipse projects:
File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace > Select root directory: ANT_App_Package_20111019 > Select All > Finish

2. Set Android sdk path
Window > Preferences > Android > SDK Location: C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Android\\android-sdk

3. Fix ANTLib path if it is broken (red X instead of a green check-mark)
Right click ANTPlusDemo > Properties > Android > Library > Reference to ANTLib_Library

4. Build project twice (once to generate gen, once to build properly)
Project > Build All

5. As a side note to step 4. on my machine (win 7 x64) selecting "Build Automatically" works, "Build All" does not
Project > Build Automatically

6. Run AntPlusDemo
Left click ANTPlusDemo > Run > Run > Android Application