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SensRcore Source ?


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I've successfully worked with the AT3 (ANT11TS53) in my SensRcore Application ... and am now looking to move to a more tightly integrated design.

Is it possible to obtain the source code for the MSP430f22x2/4 ?

I'm currently using an external PIC-micro in addition to the AT3
module in order to control/configure various external devices (DigiPots + Analog Mux) ... and feel that this could easily be integrated into the MSP430 ... lowering the overall footprint and current consumption.

Thanks (in advance).


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Source code for SensRcore is not publicly available. It is not possible either to add application specific code (other than SensRcore commands) to the AT3.

You can find reference source code for the MSP430 to help you interface ANT with an external microcontroller on our devkit. This would be the best solution if you are looking for a more integrated design.