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[Help]After Import src,Can’t Library Folder!?


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Dear everyone,
I try to import the ant+demo_prj source,my step is like below,

1. Import the eclipse projects:
File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace > Select root directory: ant+demo_prj > Select All > Finish

2.right-click ant+demo_prj > Android Tools>Fix Project Properties

Please See the figure below,

My problem is that I can't find the library file,who can tell me the reason.
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If the errors you are seeing are like this:

AntDefine cannot be resolved to a variable
AntInterface cannot be resolved
AntInterface cannot be resolved to a type
AntInterfaceException cannot be resolved to a type

it is because by the AntPlusDemo project can't find the ANTLib (The interface). Please ensure it is included in the current workspace. You should also make sure the path to it is correct by checking the project's properties > Android > Reference to ANTLib