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ANT USB Service


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I could not install the ANT USB Service from the Google Play store. The Play store told me my device was incompatible. I have a custom ROM for my phone which allows me to run Android 4.0.4 and enables USB Host Mode. I have verified that USB Host Mode works with other devices. I contacted Google about not being able to down load ANT USB Service and they said that I need to contact the Developer. From your press release: "Anyone can install the ANT USB Service from the Google Play Store along with the standard ANT Radio Service." I successfully installed ANT Radio Services and ANT+ Demo (though ANT+ Demo tells me "ANT not supported" and won't allow me to do anything else) but I cannot install ANT USB Service.      

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For the ANT USB Service to work your system must report that it supports the USB Host API, which it does not (or the ANT+ Demo v2.4 would show you a button to download the ANT USB Service). However, as you have root access to your device, you can try to make some changes to activate this (which will only work if the system/device you are on actually supports USB host).

You will find these steps useful (please follow at your own risk):

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I'm also having some trouble with ANT USB service.

I installed both ANT USB and radio service and the ANT+ Demo, then the demo only showed "Enable ->" and the ant logo.
Then uninstalled the services and the demo says ANT not suported, though it should be.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S 2, with ICS 4.0.3
USB Host seems to work as I can read a USB drive perfectly, and checked the link above but the USB Host permission file already exists.
It could be other problem also associated with the USB host API.

For the USB I'm using a cheap USB OTG cable and an ANT USB2 Stick (Decathlon Kalenji S&D Connect)