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Connecting and pair my Xperia with garmin belt!


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Please help! I have SE Xperia Neo V (A 4.0.4. FW 4.1.B.0.431) and Garmin HRM2-SS premium. Everything is new, but my phone can NOT see garmin belt! I downloaded apps: ANT+ demo, Radio Service, USB Service, Heart Rate Monitor Ant+ plus App Endomondo and micoach, but nothing work!!! :-( Factory restart is not working too. I am just thinking about battery in belt, but it is new.
What i can do? Any idea?      

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Jan was able to fix the problem himself a few hours later.
Jan wrote: I found it, in my phone is some app: Assistant of performance and there i had to restart (turn off and turn on) ANT+ conection. Now is everything OK.