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ANT connection time


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Hi, I'm doing my master thesis, and I would like to know what is the necessary time to establish a connection between two ANT devices.
I know that Zigbee is 30 ms and bluetooth is at least 3 seconds, but I couldn't find this info in the specifications of Zigbee presented in the website.
Can anyone help me with this? if so, please send me the answer to diogobarm [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks in advance!

Diogo Martins      

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The time required to establish a connection (channel acquisition) between two devices depends on the channel period. You can find the worst acquisition time for different channel periods here:

Please note, if you are comparing ANT to ZigBee/Bluetooth, that the way connections are established in ANT is quite different from those technologies. A thorough look at the "ANT Message Protocol and Usage" document will give you more details on how connections are established with ANT.