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FitCSVTool in matlab


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Joined 2014-02-18


Maybe someone can help me with the following problem? I have made a matlab script to copy .FIT files from my Garmin 620 sportswatch to CSV using the FitCSVTool.

This looks something like:

thestring ['java -jar ' locationofjar ' -b ' sourcepath ' ' targetpath];
[status cmdout] system(thestring)

The variables 'locationofjar' 'filecopypath' and 'sourcepath' are dynamic strings depending on the operating system en file locations. locationofjar: path to FITCSVTool.jar; sourcepath: path to source file (fit); targetpath: path to target (csv).

This works fine on OSX, but on windows 'cmdout' gives me the error:
Exception in thread "main" com.garmin.fit.FitRuntimeException: FIT decode error: Endian 54 not supported.
at ...

I have no idea how to solve this problem. Maybe somebody can give me a hind.

Thanks in advance.      

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Hi benbob,

Your syntax seems ok to me. What happens if you manually call the csvtool by typing the command? Where is sourcepath? Do you copy the .FIT file locally first or does it still reside remotely on the watch?