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CS ClassLib Profile.cs issue with float values


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When using regional setting such as Finland there is always a problem with trying to compile the ClassLib project. The line which causes problems is the 1148:
eventMesg.fields[fieldIndex].subfields.Add(new Subfield("SportPoint", 134, 1,1 , 0f, ""));

It could be easily fixed for example with following fashion:
eventMesg.fields[fieldIndex].subfields.Add(new Subfield("SportPoint", 134, float.Parse("1.1", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture), 0f, ""));

The problem in nut shell is that here the decimal seperator character is , instead of .      

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-The '1,1' in the profile is meant to be nested CSV for expanding the score and opponent_score components but there is an issue with this feature (components in subfields) in the current SDK. Look for an update in the 11.00 release. Please let me know if there are further improvements that could be made for international users.