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Transmitting Data Between Multiple USB Devices.


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I am new to ANT and its capabilities. I recently received the Dev. Kit and established a connection using ANTware II. I'm just beginning to read through all of the documentation but I thought I would ask and maybe be directed to the information I am looking for.

What I am looking for it the ability to transmit and receive between multiple (4+) devices (USB dongles to start).
- I would like to program each device with an address (ID)
- I would like to transmit hex between specific devices devices. (ie. ID-01 - ID-02 or ID-02 to ID-01)      

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Hi tmiskie,

I'd start with the info here: http://www.thisisant.com/developer/ant/ant-basics/#106_tab

You can use independent channels to transmit the data between each node, or you could use a shared channel, or asynchronous channel. (Listed in order of complexity).

The ANT message protocol and usage document is not long (just 8 chapters) and well worth the time investment if you will be doing much with ANT.