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nRF24AP2 specification


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I am currently building a mathematical model for estimating low power applications based on ANT+ core. And there are some specifications required which I may not find from the data sheet.

1. What is the wake-up time of nRF24AP2 when it turns into active mode from sleep,idle and deep sleep.

2. May the payload length be customized to any number between 1 and 8 bytes, and how to define the payload length?Is the paylaod length handled by ShockBurst� such as nRF24L01+�

3.What is the packet structure of on-air message? What information contained in the on-air overheads?

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The payload of ANT packets is always 8 bytes.

Have you looked at the online power calculator? This (as well as the figures in the datasheets) already incorporates the over the air overhead, as well as power consumption of the serial port and other details proprietary to the ANT protocol.