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VB.NET integration issue:


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I am able to reference the ANT_NET.dll/ANT_wrappedlib.dll files in my VB.net project. The environment is able to browse the objects.

I'm able to make calls into the ANT_Common and they return passing status codes.

The following code however:

ANT = New ANT_Device() 

always fails with a "No ANT device detected" error.

If I pull up a C# project with the references to the same (as best as I can tell) DLL references this does find the device I have plugged in:

ANT_Device newFoundDevice = new ANT_Device(); 

Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

Is there any documentation on the .NET library. I am able to look at the code in the samples but when my first call to create an ANT_Device fails I'm stuck :(      

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This error usually means that either a USB stick is not plugged in, or the libraries that provide access to the USB device are missing. Make sure that the following files are in the working path of your application:

This can be tricky with Visual Studio, as with different project settings, the working path might be in a different location than your files.