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Build-in frimware: Requires ARS


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I'm using a Sony xperia Z2 with Cyanogenmod 12.1 as android version.
With the android version provided by sony I had no issue with using ANT+ devices.

Since I rooted my device and installed CM12 I can't use ant devices anymore.

When I install and run ANT+ tester everyting looks fine exept for one part that say's:"Build-in frimware: Requires ARS" When i follow the link to the store I can see that the ARS is installed. But still It's not functioning.

Any advice would be welcom.      

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Unfortunately it looks like the CM team doesn't always keep up with integrating the ANT HAL code with their mainline. Perhaps you can find a build where someone has integrated it.


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If you run the support checker tool https://github.com/ant-wireless/ANT-Android-SDKs/blob/master/ANT_Android_SDK/Tools/Android_ANTSupportChecker_1-2-0.apk?raw=true what ,does it say?      


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I had the same thing on my device. However, I noticed that there was a flashing icon in my notification area at the top. When I swiped down, the message asked if I wanted to Seize control of the ANT radio. When I tapped on this, I got another prompt that said that another application has control of the ANT radio and did I want to seize control. When I tapped yes, the message changed from Requires ARS to AUM1.04B22.

So, if another app is running which as seized control of the ANT radio, you will see the Requires ARS message in ANT Tester. This was running version 1.4 of Ant Tester installed from the Play Store.