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FAQ: Troubleshooting Driver Problems


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What drivers are available?

* Garmin or ANT branded USB2, and USBm sticks all use the libusb-based signed windows driver available through Windows Update or in our downloads section https://www.thisisant.com/resources/ant-usb2-driver-windows/ On Wi.ndows inserting the stick should cause the driver to be installed automatically.

* Older Garmin or ANT branded USB1 sticks and the development boards that come with the ANT module kits use the SI Labs driver, of which a signed version also exists on Windows Update. On Windows inserting the stick should cause the driver to be installed automatically.

* For certain development boards, customized modules, older hardware, etc. that use the SI Labs driver, the version from Windows Update may not be applicable because of PID and VID mismatching. In this case you can use the unsigned version from our downloads section: https://www.thisisant.com/resources/ant-usb1-driver-windows/ The u.nsigned version is modified to match more devices, because it is unsigned it typically has to be installed manually and you need to disable driver signature enforcement on Windows.

What if the Windows Update driver install fails?
You can fight with the Windows Update process to try and get it to work, but the easiest solution is to manually uninstall any existing driver, then manually install the driver.

To uninstall the driver on Windows 7,8,10:
-Open Device Manager
-Right-click on the ANT USB device (usually under 'libusb-win32 devices' or 'Universal Serial Bus controllers' node. If you can find it under another node then it is wrong and definitely try to uninstall it)
-Click 'Uninstall' (If there is no 'uninstall' option, there is no driver installed so you are done)
-Select the 'Delete the driver software for this device' checkbox on the Confirm Device Uninstall dialog that pops up
-Select 'OK'
-After the uninstall finishes, click the 'Action' menu at the top and select 'Scan for hardware changes'
-If the windows update works now, great, you are finished. If the device still has problems proceed with manual install.

To install the driver manually on Windows 7,8,10:
-Download and unzip the driver for your device from the thisisant website as explained above.
-Open Device Manager
-Right-click on the ANT USB device
-Click 'Update Driver Software...'
-Click 'Browse my computer for driver software' option in the 'Update Driver Software' dialog that appears
-Click 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'
-Click the 'Have Disk...' button
-Browse to the folder containing the unzipped driver package files
-Select the '.inf' file in that directory and click 'Open'
-Click 'OK'
-Click the ANT model shown in the list and press 'Next' (Note: If you are installing unsigned Si Labs driver you will likely need to accept the unsigned driver warning and additionally disable driver signature enforcement)
-The driver should then install and work correctly

If you have any questions on your specific case please make a new thread describing your problems.      


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