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Download from vivofit


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Hi there,

I'm new in the world of ANT.
For a project I'm trying to download fit data from a garmin vivofit (1) onto a pc via USB connector.
Using ANTwareII I probably realized an online connection - however I did not find meaningful data in the monitor window.
How to access the data stored on the fitness tracker?


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Hi Thomas,

You can try to use the "watch downloader" plugin on Android but the device must support the ANT+ Sync Device Profile for you to be able to download the data without using Garmin Connect. You could also try the ANT-FS PC Host tool to try and download the data. The Garmin forum would be a good place to ask if you are able to do this data download yourself.


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Try to use Garmin Connect app because it allows you to share your data with your friends, share your events, runs, walks and much more with third party. Use Garmin Vivofit Manual for more help and check how you transfer your data from watch to your system with using Garmin Connect app because it has ability of sharing.