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Ant+ Maximum data rate


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Is maximum data rate that can be set for Ant+ devices 200Hz? Is it possible to simulate such a sensor using SimulAnt+ & Ant+ USB combo? If yes, can I do it via loadable python scripts?

Are there any commercial devices that currently use such high rate? Also, is there a battery power consumption vs message rate curve that's been done on any of NT+ devices in the market?

Thanks in advance!


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The "maximum data rate" for an ANT channel is currently 60kbps using advanced bursting to send data. For the minimum channel period/maximum channel transmit frequency, this is limited depending on the device's serial bus, processing power, other channel's, etc. For a USB-m, I'd say ~200 Hz is the limit for a single channel due to serial bus/software limitations.

You can play around with this setup using ANTware II and AutoANT scripts, SimulANT+, or just the Simulator Library and C#; I've linked some of the relevant application notes for each of these tools.

There is a power estimator on the website you can use to get a rough idea what the power requirements would be for any given channel setup.

Is there a reason you'd like to maintain a channel with a high period, rather than use burst messaging?