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Capture ANT data and send it to UART


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Hello everyone,

First of all, my name is Bruno and this is my first topic in the forum.

I am currently devoloping a project for my University, wich will be my final presentation in the course.

My project consists in the following:

-> Develop a PCB capable of capturing various sensors (with ANT technology) data and send them via Wi-Fi to an app or something. Everything using a microprocessor from microchip.

The PCB is already devoloped with the various components and modules, wich are:


The Wi-Fi part is already done and working (not 100% functional, but i can send data via IP).

Now my project is focused in the ANT part. What i want to do first is: Using ANT USB 2 STICK simulate a sensor (for example Heart Rate), and with the ANT module capture that data and send them trought UART.

The problem is that i don't know how to do that. I've manage to read a lots of datasheets but i cant find anything that would help me start this. I've manage to configure the UART pins in the micro that will connect to ANTAP2, but thats all, don't know what things do i have to do after, neither the module commands and responses so that i could check he is listening/responding...

If anyone can help me with this, i would REALLY appreciate.

Thank you very much


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The "ANT+ EMBEDDED REFERENCE DESIGNS" contain example drivers for doing UART/SPI with ANT network processor devices for the MSP430 series you can reference. Otherwise the "Interfacing with ANT General Purpose Chipsets and Modules" document describes how the messaging should be done over serial, and the "ANT Message Protocol and Usage" document describes the actual commands and their definitions.