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ANTware II does not detect my device.


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Joined 2016-03-24


Hello! I have a beginner's question.

I have the Nordic NRF51-DK and I'm trying to connect it to the ANTware II software in order to implement a profile.
However, the software is not detecting the device when I connect it to the computer even though the computer is.

Can you identify the problem?

Thank you very much.


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Joined 2016-06-15


It would help if you described what you have tried.

I'm a newbie too - but fundamentally, you need to make sure you are using the right Network Key, and Device Price settings before you initiate a communication with the device.


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Joined 2017-04-09


I have the same problem. I have installed ANTware II but it does not seem to see the nRF 51 Nordic PCA10031 dongle.
The Device Panel is empty, just a large + sign.
The dongle is not in use in other applications.

When I start Nordic nRFgo Studio it can see the dongle, shows it empty (no application, no Softdevice).

If Studio can see it why can't ANTware? Is there any firmware that needs to be loaded into the dongle? Where do I find it?

Thanks a lot,