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ANTWAREII does not see D52QD module on USB adapter


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I am experimenting with the D52DK1 kit. D52QD has soft device S212. Application is ARM-MDK example "ant_io_tx_d52_starterkit_s212". ANTWAREII does not detect the D52 module on the USB adapter. The PC, (Lenovo WIN7 Laptop) detects the USB device, "ANT USB Device". ANTWAREII does detect the ANTUSB-m module. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?      

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The module will only be detected on the USB adapter if it is loaded with the ANT Network Processor firmware. You can find the source code for it on the Downloads page under "ANT Embedded Reference Designs".

You should be able to see the module transmitting while running that demo using the ANTUSB-m stick, or running the io_rx code on the other module as well.